POLS Political Science

Course Description:
(Formerly POLYS 110, 002)

Advisory: ENGL 035 or ENLA 100 or appropriate assessment; READ 043 or appropriate assessment
Transfers to: UC (*credit limit), CSU
(*Students will receive credit for only one of the following courses: POLS 110 or POLS 110H)

This course surveys and analyzes the origins, principles, institutions, policies, and politics of U.S. National and California State Governments, including their constitutions. Emphasis is placed on the rights and responsibilities of citizens, and an understanding of the political processes and issues involved in the workings of government. This course fulfills the American Institutions requirement for the Associate Degree. It also is suitable for students wishing to expand their knowledge of local, state and national governments.

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Learning Outcomes and Important Section Information

Course Corequisites: NONE

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  • Title: POLS 110 Government of the U. S.
  • CRN: 30939
  • Instructor: Maria Romero Morales
  • CH Weekly Census Instructional Method
  • Section Corequisites: NONE
  • Bldg/Room: REMOTE ONLINE Online via Zoom

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    M W 08:05am - 09:30am REMOTE ONLINE Online via Zoom 01/29/22 05/26/22
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    Term: Spring 2022
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